Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Bright New Year

So 2009 is off to a kickin' start for Kate I Design.

I made some phenomenal contacts through my first Craft Saturday, and they are keeping very busy during this cold month. I am working on new products to help me move farther into the wholesale realm, which I'm thrilled about.

Some of the ideas I'm throwing around right now are here... what do you think?
Matching combos/sets of things
- Apron with matching oven mitt
- Jewelry roll with coordinating toiletry bag
- Eye mask with matching medium rice therapy bag
- Wallet with coordinating purse

New purse designs
- rounder hobo design
- bigger/more versatile clutch

New individual items
- knitting/crochet hook organizers

Any new ideas you guys have? We're going to Europe this fall for our honeymoon and anything i can make for that to make our lives easier i will... I was thinking about doing passport covers, various types of organizers. I was in Europe in 2005 and loved every second of it, but this trip is for our honeymoon and I doubt we will be shacking up in multi-person hostel rooms so any advice you can give me about what to bring/how to prepare will be much appreciated!