Friday, July 25, 2008

peníze, denaro, geld

A while ago, i posted this - so far I've made it almost a month without buying any clothes or shoes (this is a long time for me). I have since read some other articles on money and spending (something i never, ever do). One article in particular did a study about what people spend money on and what makes them happiest, longest. People who saved their money for vacations and doing things with friends and family felt more satisfied than those who went out and bought something they didn't need. Luckily for me, i love to travel and therefore decided to use the money i'm saving to fund a girls trip to Costa Rica in 2010, pictured above - who would rather go there than buy new pants?!
*disclaimer: my husband hates all things tropical so he doesn't want to go, i'm not not letting him come :)

An article was sent to me recently about how to use some freegan habits to save money and help the environment - even if you are jobless. I am not, but there are some interesting things mentioned that could help me, and hopefully someone else reach a goal.

Here are some of my favorites:
Homebrew: Make your own beer, wine, and other alcohol at home, and you won't have to spend loads of cash on it at the liquor store.

Read online: Don't buy magazines, newspapers, and other print media if it can be accessed for free online.

Buy second hand: When you have to buy goods, consider shopping at second hand stores first. It will save you money, and cut down on production pollution at the same time.

Make something from what you find: Make like an artist and use found media. You can then sell it online, at swap meets and other outlets.

Go to free events: Having a good time doesn't always mean you'll have to spend money. Seek out free, fun events in your community.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stella's Overnight Bag

Stella is the daughter of a friend of mine, and she needed a weekender bag that her mom could use and still look fashionable, enter me. I whipped this bad (and BIG) boy up over the last couple of weeks, what do you think?

finished dimensions are approximately 24" wide, 5" deep, and 20" tall - it's big
close up of the front pocket
i should mention that this is my very first sipper on top closure, i'm shocked i was able to do it!
the inside, there are 6 deep pockets on the inside for Stella's bottles and diapers
the zipper is a separating one for easy loading and unloading. the strap also adjusts from 24" to 42"

Heather Bailey

As some of you have already figured out i heart Heather Bailey - everything she does just amazes me. Well, she has launched her new store - and i couldn't be more excited. I've been chomping at the bit waiting for Pop Garden and Bijoux to arrive in a fabric store, and now she's letting her fans pre order her stuff with a 10% discount. I love all of them, and want to do amazing things - I can't wait to get my fabric in! If I was a scrapbooker i would also be in love - her paper line is oozing with inspiration. This also allows me to get those trash ties i've always wanted to try too...

image from

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

craft identity?

sometimes i really like taking quizzes - not the school kind - but the fun kind. Here's one that i thought was good enough to share with you guys.

Here are my results... think i could convince the boy to buy me a kiln?

Play With Clay
You're a down-to-earth, back-to-nature person who doesn't mind making (and cleaning up!) little messes if there's a big payoff. You love to dive into a project with gusto and finish it quickly. Your best bet? Pottery, ceramics or sculpture.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


i went to the twin cities this weekend to visit my friend Jessica. we took an adventure on one of the hundreds of highways/interstates within the conglomerate to find a fabric gem. this was recommended to me by my friend Kali, and she is a great friend for directing me there. it's called S.R. Harris, and it is a warehouse, not much to look at from the outside, but nothing but theadalicious eye candy on the inside. zippers for 50 cents, wool for $5/yd, twill, tweed, leather, home dec as far as you could see. i was in heaven. and just like heaven you are so stunned for the first minute or two, you just stare. so we were the awkward girls blocking the doorway for 5 minutes. but that's okay, i got some great prints, solids, zippers (i might as well start collecting them for all the ones i buy) and it was still cheaper than i thought it was going to be!

and then, after Jessica saw how big my eyes could get with some fabric in front of them, she took me to her favorite place in northwest minneapolis - Crafty Planet - which has the best selection of hip prints that i've ever seen. (please keep in mind that i live in iowa. iowa is generally 3-5 years behind most industry trends.) i have never seen an entire line of amy butler lined up together until Crafty Planet - and they had 3! cherry lotus is usually sold out everywhere - i bought a lot just to ensure it was there when i needed it. she had joel dewberry, heather bailey (not Pop Garden yet), heather ross, a great alexander henry collection, and some great ones that i haven't seen before. i would love to open up something like this shop in central iowa - perhaps i will call the owner about a chain... :)
i was thoroughly impressed by the fabric resources in minnesota - and will be going back on a fairly regular basis.

i try to travel frequently, so please share what your favorite stores are in your area - i would love to add them to an itinerary!

Correction: top print is Echino and the bottom is Joel Dewberry - thanks Amanda :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Click Click

I have finally finished the website for my first website design client! Here is a picture of the home page, and if you want to see the rest of the site visit Rogers Photography. I'm still working out some kinks but for a first shot at it i don't think i did too bad. In fact, i'm extremely proud of this accomplishment, especially because i just decided in January that this was something I wanted to pursue. YAY!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I hope everyone had a safe and fun forth of july - i know i did. i was able to have a couple of very relaxing days off of work and got to spend time with the hubby, friends and other family. this year was the best as far as weather is concerned that i have experienced in iowa for a very long time. it was very refreshing considering the crap storms and winter we just got through. thanks MN (mother nature) for cutting us a break. i didn't even get a mosquito bite.

in other news, we bought a Wii and that has been consuming most of my husbands time and i have been outside for every nice day we've had - sorry for being MIA :).

i have been asked to create an overnight bag for an infant and a smaller purse for going out. i have the designs layed out and so now i just need to do a muslin of each to see how it goes - but i'm excited to show you the results!