Wednesday, July 16, 2008

craft identity?

sometimes i really like taking quizzes - not the school kind - but the fun kind. Here's one that i thought was good enough to share with you guys.

Here are my results... think i could convince the boy to buy me a kiln?

Play With Clay
You're a down-to-earth, back-to-nature person who doesn't mind making (and cleaning up!) little messes if there's a big payoff. You love to dive into a project with gusto and finish it quickly. Your best bet? Pottery, ceramics or sculpture.

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googoobeans said...

Heres mine:

Get Handy
You're social but also super-meticulous. Intricate handiwork such as knitting, embroidery and needlepoint suits your personality best. These crafts are portable (little to no cleanup required!) and allow you to socialize with pals while you purl or chain-stitch your cares away