Friday, July 25, 2008

peníze, denaro, geld

A while ago, i posted this - so far I've made it almost a month without buying any clothes or shoes (this is a long time for me). I have since read some other articles on money and spending (something i never, ever do). One article in particular did a study about what people spend money on and what makes them happiest, longest. People who saved their money for vacations and doing things with friends and family felt more satisfied than those who went out and bought something they didn't need. Luckily for me, i love to travel and therefore decided to use the money i'm saving to fund a girls trip to Costa Rica in 2010, pictured above - who would rather go there than buy new pants?!
*disclaimer: my husband hates all things tropical so he doesn't want to go, i'm not not letting him come :)

An article was sent to me recently about how to use some freegan habits to save money and help the environment - even if you are jobless. I am not, but there are some interesting things mentioned that could help me, and hopefully someone else reach a goal.

Here are some of my favorites:
Homebrew: Make your own beer, wine, and other alcohol at home, and you won't have to spend loads of cash on it at the liquor store.

Read online: Don't buy magazines, newspapers, and other print media if it can be accessed for free online.

Buy second hand: When you have to buy goods, consider shopping at second hand stores first. It will save you money, and cut down on production pollution at the same time.

Make something from what you find: Make like an artist and use found media. You can then sell it online, at swap meets and other outlets.

Go to free events: Having a good time doesn't always mean you'll have to spend money. Seek out free, fun events in your community.

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