Friday, May 16, 2008


my grandma used to do cross stitching when i was younger, i used to love to watch her do it, but instictively knew that i wouldn't ever have the patience to do it. i feel i have now found an alternative that could produce some beautiful from needle work with less of a time commitment... embroidery.

Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching has inspired me. i ordered my first kit and can't wait to get started. there are so many awesome patterns that i can't wait to try and spruce up my sewings with. i started with this one, but know there are several more i want to purchase... like this one, and this one, and this one... oh this is going to be awesome :)
picture from Sublime Stitiching

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lyndsey-jane said...

jenny's stuff in amazing! My mum cross stitched when I was younger and I tried it but found it took so long that I got bored before ever finishing anything - plus having torefer to a chart was just annoying. I have Sublime Stitching book, Stitch it kit and some other patterns and love them. The instructions are really well explained and I like the fact you can embroider and much or a little as you want to. There are some great examples on the Sublime Stitching Flickr group
Can't wait to see how you do.