Saturday, February 9, 2008


my husband's grandpa is in the hospital... again. i hate to watch him suffer like he is, but no one is ready to see him go either. such is life i suppose. but it does make me wonder about marriage and the impact it can have on life. his grandparents will have been married almost 60 years soon. their lives would have been exponentially different had they not gotten married, or of they had gotten divorced... i can't even imagine. when the hubby and i were leaving the hospital i was very somber pondering this concept. i can't even fathom getting divorced, ever. but i know it happens more often than anyone would really like to think. how does a couple get there? how do people get sick and old by themselves?

right now is when i wish i had my own personal yoga instructor to help me de-stress my life. that or a buddha monk.

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