Wednesday, April 2, 2008


i haven't done a survey yet on my blog, so i snagged this little guy from Tara on her Design on Post blog.

A - Attached or single? married to my ever patient husband.
B - Best friend? kathy, erin, emily, kristi
C - Cake or pie? cake, red velvet
D - Day of choice? thursday - the weeks almost over
E - Essential item? the internet.
F - Favorite color? brown
G - Gummy bears or worms? worms - the clear part is my favorite
H - Hometown? the world is my hometown
I - Favorite indulgence? shopping for expensive jeans
J - January or July? why can't i pick june?
K - Kids? only my fur kids
L - Life isn’t complete without? friends and coffee
M - Marriage date? 9-3-07
N - Number of brothers and sisters? 1 sister
O - Oranges or apples? both
P - Phobia and fears? getting stuck in a style rut
Q - Quote? 'nobody drink the beer! the beer has gone bad!" - can't hardly wait
R - Reason to smile? accomplishment
S - Season of choice? fall
T - Tag three people: i'm new at the whole blogging thing and i don't know exactly what this means...
U - Unknown fact about me? i hate wearing socks
V - Vegetable? all of them except for brussel sprouts
W - Worst habit? biting my nails
X - X-ray or ultrasound? xray
Y - Your favorite food? italian... and more italian
Z - Zodiac sign? capricorn - don't mess with the hooves.

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Tara said...

Tagging on a blog means the same thing as playing tag when you were a kid. You "tag" (by naming blogs) the people you want to go next.

Glad you liked the meme. I thought it was fun. ;)