Monday, June 30, 2008


does anyone know a way to get more hours out of the day? props to anyone out there working more than one job or working full time with family or doing what you love on the side of working... basically i'm in awe of the amount of things people get done in their lifetimes, and i feel as though i'm not keeping up fast enough. I have more ideas than i have time and i have more ambition than i have patience.

it felt a little different when i was at a job where i had nothing to do all day to my current job where i can barely find time to leave my cube get get more caffeine. sigh. don't get me wrong, i love my new job and i love sewing, creating, etc, but when i read the stories of Heather Bailey and such I feel like i almost need to choose, like she did. but i don't know if i can yet...

P.S. I'm totally stoked for Heather Bailey's new fabric line - it's hitting stores in July!

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