Thursday, August 7, 2008

um, hello?

i know it's slow in blog land right now, but i feel like everyone has abandoned me and my blog. come back from your fun vacations people!...i miss your comments :(


bettyninja said...

still here and reading. Been sort of crazy too for me.

Rae said...

haha that's funny. I've been such a slacker at visiting blogs when I get busy. Just saw your comment on the blog again the other day and thought I'd check out your blog!

Love Crafty Planet, BTW.

And if you ever visit Holland, Michigan, there's an awesome fabric store called "Field's" which carries the best quilting fabrics, including a lot of Amy Butler.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see my new purse and the blanket!!! I actually wondered if somewhere on the blanket you could sew in...

For Baby Logan From Jamal & Javell

I know you said it would be really small but I think that would be precious and sweet. Let me know what you think. I need the blanket for the 23rd so if it makes it so it would take longer then forget about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Montana! Just surfing the web and thought I'd check out your blog....I love my purse, thank you again. I'll try my best not to break it--although, you and I both know it's inevitable. :-p