Friday, March 21, 2008


so today was the last 'official' day of vacation... sigh. i still have this weekend, but it's not as good as last week at this time - i had a whole week of no work to look forward to. i can't complain though, i had a great week. today the hubby and i went to kansas city to see some of my friends (i lived there from 2005-2007) and walked around some of my favorite places. even though it's only a measly 3 hour drive away - i can't describe to you how much going back there makes me miss my kcmo life. i have great friends down there, that will remain friends as long as they are willing to talk talk on the phone and email consistently. we walked around the plaza and i got some great deals on fabric from urban outfitters and because i wasn't prepared for the 15 degree temp increase, i also bought a new shirt to replace the one i sweat soaked. hot, right? to be taken literally and figuratively. not so much paris hilton, more robin williams on stage (check out the last couple of scenes in 'live on broadway' - you'll see what i'm talking about)... reason #1,445,568 why it's important to have a big purse - to carry deodorant.

happy weekend everyone - i hope someone out there has a vacation to look forward to.

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