Friday, March 28, 2008


there are some great people in this world. fantastic ones in fact. i was having a crap week up until wednesday - then i went to dinner with my best friends in the whole world (minus my sister, she had to work) and they all cheered me up with our senseless banter and obnoxious laughing. nothing makes me happier then to be surrounded with the people i love most. as if i didn't have enough to do (again, i'm so happy my husband is independent and patient) me and my friends are going to be in a sand volleyball league in may (it better be done snowing by then!) and we have plans to hang out again next saturday. i refuse to let these ladies drift out of my life - they are my support and strength in every instance i need them.

there was also a great surprise when i was picked to make bridesmaids gifts for a girl's upcoming wedding. she was completely fantastic and i feel like we just clicked (double left) and we totally got each other for what i was imagining and what she was wanting. i love being a designer! vive la kateidesign!


bettyninja said...

rock on girly!

StitchingSurgeon said...

ooo cant wait to see the post of what you make for the bridesmaids gifts.
aren't husbands who are independent and patient and who understands us girls need our girls nights/days the best???