Tuesday, March 25, 2008


you know that feeling, when you walk into the office after some time off... the empty pit in your stomach swimming with the thought of a flooded inbox? that was me yesterday, trudging into work. now that i've gone through all the emails, talked to the people that i needed to get project updates from, i sit here, just chomping at the bit with all the stuff i need to do at home. there's so much that i actually want to do there and so much here that i don't need to do.

last week while i was gone there was a lot of unexpected 2 week notices given, throughout the company and within my department. i'm so jealous of them. i too want to leave, but what i want to do with my life (design, design, take pictures, sew, design, repeat) isn't lucrative enough to support me right now. oh to be inheritly wealthy... but money doesn't solve your problems, it just means you get to write bigger bills each month - hah.

if anyone needs me, i will be sulking in my cube until 5 pm cst.


Sarah said...

True, dear! Just keep swimming. :)

StitchingSurgeon said...

i know the feeling...i love my job and all but geez...if i could make it as a designer/seamstress i would so do it sometimes! but then...it would probably become "work" too and i wouldn't want to do it either...hand in there!