Monday, September 22, 2008


So, I've always been opinionated. I am not closed minded (or i try not to be) and i love to debate with intelligent people. Lately i've been encountering people that say things that sound to me like they want to fight, because they are saying such stupid things, they can't be serious. But when i attempt to find the basis of their opinion, i come up empty with them blowing me off with yet another stupid argument. Here's an example:

stupid person(SP): "I think I'm going to vote for Sarah Pahlin"
me: "why's that?"
SP: "because she's pretty"
me: "why would that make her a good VP? I have a lot of pretty friends, that aren't trying to be VP, and I wouldn't vote for them if they were - because they don't have the experience or qualifications to be in that position. Being a VP means more than just being attractive... and being attractive isn't usually one of them in the first place. Dick Cheney is not attractive, Al Gore is not attractive."
SP: "well, she's pretty, so i'm going to vote for her"
me: "but why? do you agree with her stance on important issues?"
SP: "i don't know her issues, but she's pretty"
me: "that doesn't make any sense. people like you shouldn't be allowed to vote"

(i said i wasn't close minded, i never said i wasn't snotty)


Alli said...

Ugh, I will never understand people who don't vote on issues. How can so many people have absolutely no interest in the stances of the politicians they support? It's like people don't realize that the government affects every aspect of our lives.

I try not to be judgmental, but people like that...argh.

googoobeans said...

See, I would have needed backup in that situation, because after awhile I would have snapped. Or started crying.