Friday, October 3, 2008


When Gov. Palin trips over herself and can't answer a question about what publications she reads to stay up to date with local and foreign affairs - but then blames "video editing" as the culprit is ridiculous. Gov. Palin cannot handle the truth of her own lack of speaking skills if she needs to blame video producers for making her look like an idiot.

While she didn't do as badly last night as i had hoped she would, i was nowhere near as impressed with her performance as I was with Sen. Biden's. She even came out and said "I may not answer your questions, but I want to talk about my track record" - yeah, if she's going to just talk about whatever in the hell she wants to when she wants to, then what's the point of even having a moderator? It should have been the Palin Debates with Herself Debate. Pfft. I doubt the 40 something % that thought Sen. Biden won the debate wouldn't side with her in that debate either. I can imagine it would go something like this:

Palin 1:"I'm a hockey mom, and the hockey mom's behind the penalty box think the economy is in bad shape"
Palin 2:"Yeah, but as a soccer mom, on the sidelines i think the economy is in horrible shape"
P1: "let's talk about what i did for energy."
P2: "I like your lipstick"
P1: "did you know that Alaska has abundant natural resources?"
P2: "I read every magazine that gets put on my desk"
P1: "Thanks, but no thanks"

and then i would run screaming from the room to commit myself.

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Alli said...

Yeah, it was an embarrassing performance for all of us - it is unbelievable that she is a VP candidate. I still have a hard time processing it, and that only got harder as I watched her read directly from note cards and try to use her "folksy charm" to distract us from her incompetence. That being said, don't be upset. Her performance did nothing but make the people who would vote for her no matter what she says feel a little better about themselves. Biden was amazing last night (seriously, he blew me away!), and I believe that much like the Obama/McCain debate, that will only sink in more and more over the next few days. All in all, I think we can feel really good about this!