Thursday, October 16, 2008

McPain in my Ass.

I'm approximately 3/5 Italian and most of my personality can be linked to that strand of heritage in my blood; I'm somewhat hot headed and have a nasty temper (not to mention my love for pasta, wine and over dramatic reactions to most things that affect me). Due to my lack of self control for some of those characteristics (and complete lack of qualifications - Palin I'm looking at you!) I know I will never run for political office. McCain apparently hasn't gotten the memo that getting mad and snipping at people who are criticizing him isn't the best thing to do when running for public office - especially the Presidency.

I was completely turned off by how McCain handled the tough questions during the final debate last night. There's no reason to visibly lose your cool while on TV answering questions about policies you want to implement. I admire Obama for his ability to remain calm and collected while getting asked tough questions. I also admire him for answering the questions that were asked of him. (Honestly, I was expecting McCain to quote Palin "I may not answer your questions...")

It was so frustrating to watch because instead of allowing them to speak about their policies, Obama was forced to fact correct most of McCain's allegations he was jabbing at Obama. There's no reason for that pettiness... unless you realize how wrong you are and have nothing else to go on but trying to make the other guy look bad.

I'm so excited for Nov. 4th. More excited than I can ever remember being for a presidential election (even though this is only my 2nd since being able to vote)...

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