Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1 Week from Today!

I'm so excited for the election to be over! I wish they could start counting the absentee ballots earlier too... but that's just me being impatient.

Here are a couple of interesting articles to read if your are interested.
Charles Barkley talks about the Bradly Effect
my favorite part of this article is when he's talking about running for office (which I think he would do really well as the governor of Alabama)

Brown: So are you going to run for governor?

Barkley: I plan on it in 2014.

Brown: You are serious.

Barkley: I am, I can't screw up Alabama.

Brown: There is no place to go but up in your view?

Barkley: We are number 48 in everything and Arkansas and Mississippi aren't going anywhere.

McCain vs. Pennsylvania


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googoobeans said...

Had I had any liquid in my mouth it would have come out my nose reading that interview.